Aerial photography

To satisfy those who are looking for high end stills photographs, we have developed a drone platform which is specifically built with photography in mind! Our medium lift hexacopter carries the Sony A7R mark ii, featuring a 42mp sensor with exceptional image quality and low light performance. The A7R ii is a class leading professional stills camera which comes in a small, mirrorless form and accepts a wide variety of lenses natively or via an adapter. The camera operator is able to fully control the camera from the ground via a special control link, not only in terms of point of view, but also exposure, white balance, camera settings etc as well. Or, if you prefer to use a different camera setup, we can put together a bespoke set up for you!


42mp Sony A7R mark ii camera System

The A7R ii is a class leading full frame mirrorless camera capable of producing high resolution 42mp raw images. The ISO performance of this camera is staggering and even in low light, it can produce very clean images indeed. The camera can acommodate a range of lenses either natively (Sony E mount) or via an adapter (Canon EF or other).


Full camera control from the ground

As well as having full control over pan, pitch and roll of the camera gimbal, our bespoke control system allows the photographer full camera control as well, all while the drone is in the air or on the ground. This includes control over ISO, exposure, white balance, shooting mode, or anything else that you might want to access. The device provides full access to the camera menu and all the functions that are available from the back of the camera itself.


HD Digital downlink for crystal clear monitoring

Our digital HD downlink allows the photographer to monitor what the camera sees in HD and in real time. The downlink displays exactly what you would normally see through the viewfinder or on the back of the camera, including an optional histogram, exposure meter and any other info that you may choose to have displayed. The photographer can also navigate the camera's menu via the downlink screen.