Kerri Watt “Long Way Home” Music Video

Last month we went away on another music video shoot with the guys from Nifty50 Films - this time to Glencoe in Scotland - The very place featured in the epic James Bond movie, Skyfall!

The guys at Nifty50 were commissioned to produce a music video for up and coming artist Kerri Watt for her new single "Long Way Home" and we joined them to take photographs and provide some aerial footage. I've been holding off posting this for the last few weeks so that the project could be kept under wraps until it's release but now that day has arrived! The music video was released today - check it out below!

Sadly I was only there for half of the trip as I had other photography commitments but I did get some behind the scenes photos from Glencoe and I've also included some screengrabs from the UAV footage in here. I'll be going back there next month with my girlfriend for a bit of a road trip and to explore the beautiful Scottish Highlands in more depth - can't wait!